Flow Personal Fitness

Flow personal training is the ultimate solution for recreational athletes and personal coaches.

Flow Competitive Sports

Flow Competitive Sports provides a holistic expert system to teams and organizations to keep their athletes at the competitive edge.

Flow Corporate Health

Flow Corporate Health helps your organization to implement movement, nutrition and mental health strategies to keep your employees healthy and motivated.


Sport Science

All concepts within our tools and applications are based on latest sport scientific approaches. Our scientific staff as well as our external partners care about a strict quality assurance in all dimensions.


One of our main priorities is to deliver user friendly products to suite the needs, wants, and limitations of our customers. Therefore we have close collaborations with trainers, sport scientists and active athletes to understand their needs and requirements.


Our support team provides you with all the knowledge you need to start your FLOW. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


Our software solutions are crafted with latest, state-of-the-art technologies. This helps us to provide you with hassle-free tools and to retain our competitive edge.

Mobile apps

Our mobile solutions seamlessly extend the functionality of our web software solutions and brings the power of FLOW to your mobile device. We are supporting all major mobile operating systems including Android and iOS.


With Flow you are totally connected to interact and communicate with members of your organization. It doesn’t matter if feedback to a training session, internal messages or adding team events, time management and information exchange was never that easy.

The most complete solution in sports science
Rather you are an individual, personal trainer, sports organization or a company, Simpliflow will provide you with solutions for your problems and needs


Receive customized workouts from your trainer or health expert and get support and workout guidance you have never seen before. Detailed description of training exercises, HD quality videos, tracking of vital parameters or the interval training mode are only just a few features you can discover.


The endurance mode provides you with a simple but powerful tool to capture your endurance sessions. We track your heart rate, pace, speed, geolocation and more to provide you with all the data you need to improve your training


Flow provides you a simple interface to track your vitals like resting pulse or body fat. You can view the development of each vital parameter right on the app. State-of-the-art sensors are connected via Bluetooth® Smart for gathering your vitals seamlessly.