Everything at a glance

The trainer dashboard gives you the perfect overview of your teams and athletes. It’s all there right on your start screen: your teams, athletes and their latest scores and progress reports.


Not missing any detail

Know exactly where your athletes stand by having their latest test results and weekly training reports available in a single click.


Planning made easy

Finally, a single place to plan your tests and customize your training plans. Enter results for multiple athletes and create individual training plans with HD Video exercise instructions with ease.



Know exactly where you stand

We have worked hard to make a wide range of functions easy to access and use via the FLOW dashboard. It’s all there: your current fitness level, your latest test results and your strength and weaknesses.


Customized training plans to bring you to the next level

Immediately after finishing your initial FLOW test, you will receive a training plan adapted to your needs. You will be building on your strengths and improving your weak spots. If you are new to FLOW, our step-by-step mode is the way to go. If you are familiar with the exercises, our expert mode is for you. Either way, jotting down numbers on pieces of paper is a thing of the past. FLOW tracks and saves all your training information in your personal profile. Straightforward performance statistics can be created anytime you like. Nothing ever gets lost.



Finally everything in one place

The management dashboard shows you a comprehensive overview of your entire association on a single screen. Your teams, athletes and their performance scores and progression reports all in one place.


A comprehensive calendar

A simple and comprehensive calendar function gives you the option to easily schedule events for everyone in your association. Athletes and Trainers will be automatically informed.


Management made easy

Create teams, manage athletes and track their progress in real-time. We made it all easy.